Feel the passion on the pitch and of the crowd in the stadiums. Even at home and in pubs and GAA Clubs , people are ready for this day. You have trained for it and now the big day is here. It’s game day!

GAA is a fantastic game at the heart of every Irish community and is still growing in popularity.

We understand the introduction of synthetic grass to the GAA has led to some conflicts. For instance, it has changed the game slightly, making the game faster. But on the other hand, thanks to the increasing quality of artificial turf systems and the all year round playability, acceptance is growing.

We know that we are only able to truly understand the game of GAA when we see it through the eyes of players. Over decades, we have learned much from county and club players research, and testing about how to create the perfect GAA Synthetic Grass playing surface that meets expectations and club demands and helps players raise their game and ball skill level . Ball-surface interaction, player safety, sliding friendliness and more, are the challenges we are facing and are willing to meet head on.